Bridal Suite

Doorway BrideYour wedding day is destined to be one of the most special of your life. You’re nervous and excited at the same time. It’s understandable. Casa Blanca knows that you need special pampering on your big day. That’s why we have a lovely Bridal Suite to help you relax and unwind before you say “I do” to the one you love.

Casa Blanca’s Bridal Suite offers multiple seating areas with antique, Italian leather chairs for luxury and comfort. Invite your bridesmaids and perhaps your mother and/or future mother-in-law into the room with you to get some last-minute support. Maybe you’d prefer to lounge alone on our large queen-sized bed. That’s fine too. It’s the bride’s prerogative to do what she wants on her wedding day.

So you can see your beautiful self in all your gorgeous wedding dress, we have a floor-to-ceiling, custom-framed mirror. It’s perfect for admiring all your hard work and that dress you’ve always dreamed about. We have a granite table that’s great for snacks and drinks so you can stay hydrated and healthy on your big day.

For your entertainment, there’s an MP3 player so you can listen to soothing or not-so-soothing music. It’s up to you – you’re the bride and what you say goes. It’s your day. We also offer a spacious master restroom with lots of counter space for your makeup and grooming products. There’s a beautiful, walk-in closet to store your dress and any other outfits you may have brought for the day. We also have a bath tub and shower so you can relax and unwind before you get dressed for your wedding.

At Casa Blanca, we want you to have a memorable wedding day. We aim to give you some comfort and relaxation so you can de-stress prior to your memorable walk down the aisle.


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